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Welcome to Center for the Studies Of the Person we are a face-to-face community of people for whom the Person Centered Approach plays an important role in our personal and professional lives—as a way of Being and of doing. Our commitment is to maintain/build/create an environment where each of us can be heard, where we can be fully ourselves, where we accept and embrace each other as we are.

The purpose of the Center for Studies of the Person (CSP) is to explore the richness and complexity of the person, to help individuals discover and experience more fully in their own lives, relationships and organizations the wealth of what it means to be personal—of what it means, for example, to be private as well as open, to be accepting and present to others, to be self-affirming. The Center is concerned with new experience and with old truths. It is a Center of scientific and humanistic search and a Center of informal education. As members, we intend to experience anew and in our own lives, meanings of democracy and of community. We intend to invent and submit to the public our understandings of what it is to be fully human.

Psychologically, we are a close community, supporting each other but criticizing each other just as openly. Although our director has routine responsibilities, no one is in authority over anyone else. Everyone can do as he wishes, alone or in concert with others. Everyone is responsible for his own support. . .
There is absolutely nothing holding us together except a common interest in the dignity and capacity of persons and the continuing possibility of deep and real communications with each other. To me it is a great experiment in building a functioning group – a non organization really—entirely based on the strength of interpersonal sharing
A Way of Being, Carl Rogers, 1980

CSP Projects

Upcoming Events

CSP Annual Meeting

January 22nd, 2022
6AM – 1PM (PDT)

CSP annual meeting open to all CSP members, Associate members and invited guests. Meeting will be held online via Zoom.

CSP Quarterly Meeting | Center for Studies of the Person

Kids’ Workshop

The Kids’ Workshop™ presented by Barbara and Heather Williams will explore the person centered approach and play therapy. With their own developed philosophy, they build upon the principles of humanistic psychology developed by Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, and Virginia Axline. Their work focuses on the deep respect for a child and the child’s wisdom.

Workshop participants will develop ideas and tools that help children to trust and be able to express their feelings and ideas through movement and different play therapy tools. These tools are designed to help children gain self-confidence and resilience. We believe that children are born with the person centered qualities and with nurturing and support they can maintain these qualities throughout life. We have found that these practices go across cultures.

Kids Workshop | Center for Studies of the Person

Carl Rogers Annual Conference

September 17 – 19, 2021

The  2021 Carl Rogers Annual Conference will be held on Zoom from September 17 – 19, 2021. Our meeting times – from 6AM to 1PM PST – have been chosen to facilitate attendance from participants from across the globe.  Our theme is highly relevant to these times – we invite you to join us to reflect and share our pandemic experiences – past and present…

Carl Rogers Annual Conference | Center for Studies of the Person

From The Csp Blog

On Transitioning A Person

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I sat in the classroom with my stomach churning in angst, my heart fluttering, sweat seeping through my skin, and a visceral tension that seemed to travel all over my body. My brain told me not to do it. Despite my logic, my heart always told me that nothing is worth doing unless it’s meaningful, which for me, also meant vulnerable.
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Power of the Eye | Center for Studies of the Person

The Power of Eye

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A number of years ago I came across this representation of a hand in the window of a store in Mexico. It is made of silver, with gold plating on the rays of the sun in the center of the palm and on the human faces on each fingertip. The work is by a Mexican artist – Sergio Bustamante who is still producing whimsical works of art.
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