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Kids’ Workshop Facilitator Training

This online international training program will allow you to present your own Kids’ Workshops™️ with children. The Training Program is open to anyone who would like to work with children in any setting. For example many facilitators are presenting their kids’ workshops in Italy in the schools. In France there is a facilitator offering the workshops to children who are preparing to go on stage for acting and film. Often people present their workshops in a therapeutic setting.

The Kids’ Workshop™️ helps children to express their thoughts and feelings in a clear way, appreciate differences in themselves and others, appreciate nature and keep their creativity as they grow. When children can experience this they have high self-confidence and resilience. The workshops have been presented with children in many different parts of the world and different situations and have been proven to have very positive results. The workshops are for all children not just for children having difficulties. It is not play therapy but it can be used in a therapeutic setting.

January 23 -25, 2023

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