Becoming A Fully Functioning Person

What are we striving for? Why is it that we desire the “best” (However we define that term) in family life, in the school, in the university, in the community? It is, I believe, because we hope to develop the “best” of human beings. But rarely do we give explicit thought to the exact meaning of this goal. What sort of human being do we wish to grow?

A number of years ago; writing as a psychotherapist, I tried to state my personal answer to this question, I make no apology for the fact that this chapter is cast in the framework of therapy. To my mind the “best” of education would produce a person very similar to the one produced by the “best” of therapy. Indeed it may be of help to teachers and educators to think of this issue in a setting outside the school. It may make it easier for them to seer in sharper focus, those points where they agree with the picture I paint, and those points where they disagree.



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