Person Centered Psychotherapy

Module II

Person Centered Psychotherapy Module II


Live Online Video Course

32 Hours

In Module II we will explore the magical moments of psychotherapy; I-Thou, congruence, and confrontation; personal knowledge in psychotherapy; empathy as a way of knowing and dialoguing; and the concept of As-If. We will address assumptions of Rogerian era and humanistic psychology, as well as the phenomenal field and self – identify, “No,” and “Q-Sort”. We will work with triads and dyads and group encounter.

Course Objectives

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the concepts of Magical Moments applied to psychotherapy.
  • Name the essential conditions for Magical Moments to happen.
  • Discuss the concept of I-Thou as postulated by Martin Buber, relating it to the magical moments of psychotherapy.
  • Describe the difference of empathy used in Person-Centered Psychotherapy from other approaches to psychotherapy.
  • Identify the importance of the position “as if,” related to empathy for the psychotherapist’s own performance in psychotherapy.
  • Discuss and apply the concept of congruence within the realm of Person-Centered Psychotherapy.

Workshop Instructors

Event Schedule

July 8th6AM – 9AM(PDT)
July 9th 6AM – 1PM(PDT)
July 10th6AM – 1PM(PDT)
July 22nd6AM – 9AM(PDT)
July23rd6AM – 1PM(PDT)
July24th6AM – 1PM(PDT)