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Join Our Q&A Session With Barbara & Heather Williams!

Visit with Barbara and Heather – two of CSP’s best child therapist trainers and learn about person-centered play therapy and their experiences of working with children.

December 9th, 2022

Kids Workshop Q & A

Join Our Q&A Session With Heather & Barbara

Kids Workshop Questions & Answers

December 9th | 10AM – 12PM

Please join us for a Question and Answer session with Barbara and Heather!

Barbara and Heather will be available to answer any questions you may have about person-centered play therapy and their experiences of working with children. They are both play therapists who have been working in the field of child psychology for many years. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to apply these techniques in your work with clients.

  • Play therapy is a non-threatening way for children to communicate their thoughts and feelings.
  • It allows them to explore their emotions and relationships in a safe environment.
  • Play therapy can help children address and resolve issues they are struggling with.
  • It can improve their social skills and overall emotional well-being.
  • Barbara and Heather are experienced play therapists who have worked with children of all ages.
  • Kids Workshop is a valuable resource for anyone working with children such as teachers, counselors, therapists and parents.
Kids Workshop Testimonial

Welcome fellow child therapist. Have you ever wondered how engaging a child in therapy is different than simply playing with a child?

All human beings use “symbol” to express thoughts and feelings. Language is a natural vehicle for expression, and develops over time with experience and exposure. Children, unlike their adult counterparts who mostly use the spoken word, also wish to express themselves and wish to be received and accepted. But they use their own, different ways to communicate.

Children look to others – parents, teachers, other adults – to gauge what is acceptable and what is not. As a result, children learn life “rules” that sometimes constrain their individuality, and their ability to express their special uniqueness. When this happens, their natural curiosity becomes constricted and impeded. So does their development.

Understanding, practicing, and learning the Person-centered core conditions allows child therapist practitioners to establish trust, facilitate congruent expression, and set the stage for psychological growth and development of children, both in the present and in the future.

About Barbara & Heather Williams

Barbara Williams | Center for Studies of the Person

Barbara Williams
Barbara is a consultant, psychotherapist with children and creator of the Kids’ Workshop™. She offers seminars, training programs and workshops on effective communication with children both nationally and internationally. She has been a staff member and Co-Director of Communication Training Seminars for the Person Centered Approach Institute in Rome, Italy since 1994 and in France since 2003.

After studying with both Carl Rogers and Virginia Satir, Barbara extended their ideas, creating a unique and effective series of workshops for children of different ages. The Kids’ Workshop has been approved by the Italian Minister of Education. Barbara is a member of the California State Violence Prevention Program. Her innovative work is praised in Carl Rogers’ book, A Way of Being.

Carl Rogers and Virginia Satir developed new paths of prevention and cure in the mental health field. At the same time, it was their firm conviction that others could be taught to employ these methods effectively. It is Barbara’s belief that the techniques of working with children that she has developed over the past two decades, relying on the views of Satir and Rogers, can be efficiently passed on to parents, teachers, and other professionals in close contact with children, so that the revolution begun by Satir and Rogers will not remain in the hands of a comparatively few specialists.

Since presenting the first workshop she has had the opportunity to meet with many of the children enrolled in those early years. They still retain the essential lessons and values expressed in the workshops and remember the exercises in detail. This indicates that what the workshop provides is needed by children and strikes a deep chord. Barbara and Heather have also published a book, Wisdom of Children.

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