Carl Rogers

Annual Conference

Beyond Empathy And Authenticity: Embracing Unconditional Positive Regard In Our Relationship With Others

March 25 – 27, 2022

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Beyond Empathy And Authenticity

Embracing Unconditional Positive Regard In Our Relationship With Others

March 25 – 27, 2022

You are invited to join us this March for the 9th year of our Annual conference.  We have selected a theme which we believe is particularly relevant for these times, when so many of us find it difficult to maintain warm and accepting  relationships with those who see things so differently from us.  These are not just personal issues – they reach across borders and permeate cultures and societies.  They are of interest to all of us who are interested in keeping differences in perspectives, ideas and values from becoming personal – to be able to disagree with others on issues while valuing them as individuals.

Our conference will be for 2-½ days to allow for a fuller discussion and exploration of our theme. We have chosen meeting times to consider the needs of colleagues in different time zones.  We will begin on Friday, March 25 from 10AM to 1PM PST, and continue on Saturday and Sunday from 6AM to 1PM PST.

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7 reviews for CSP Conference

  1. Martin Armbrust

    I experienced the conference as a secure place where I can learn and grow in a personal meaningful way.

  2. Carey Patrick Wertz

    Carey Patrick Wertz (verified owner)

    I experienced a nice flow and closeness from this conference compared to past ones. It may be that I am getting to know everyone well. I felt welcomed and connected to both old friends and new friends. This conference also encourages me to continue taking risks for my own personal growth, and I feel very fortunate to have such a safe, supportive space to do so. I hope more new people join us.

  3. jere moorman

    Jere Moorman (verified owner)

    Up to this conference, I didn’t have a feel that a such a thing was possible; the conference was well organized and just right. Old friends showed up; new ones were encountered. I’d be glad to help with the next one. Jere

  4. Tameka Bordeaux (verified owner)

    This experience is one that I am still trying to put into words. The best way to explain my experience is feeling a sense of “just being” and “belonging. I was called into a last-minute group meeting, so I could not attend the last day, but man, the impact felt from the 1st two days will remain with me forever. I was touched by so many stories. I was challenged to expand the context of Unconditional Positive Regard. I was filled with connection and family.

  5. Christine Abassary

    Christine (verified owner)

    I was thankful to have this experience when we are seemingly living in a time of disparate existences. I was pleasantly surprised how this connection could emerge over Zoom since I found the in-person conference transformative in the past. Appreciate all the work from the organizers and hearing about all the participants experiences. I feel a better connection within myself thanks to all of you from around the world. Take care my friends! -Christine

  6. Sandy Lefebvre

    Sandy Lefebvre (verified owner)

    It is with great joy and appreciation to the organizers, teachers, facilitators, and mentors of CSP for creating an organic and alchemic experience of wisdom, knowledge, tools, laughter, tears, inquiry, exchange of stories, ideas, and ideals that roused and inspired the heart of this humble disciple. With the best of technology, we flowed from large gatherings to break out rooms with many wonderful choices of presentations that were supported with beautiful PowerPoint presentations, videos, or a team of panels. Most participants involved felt changed – more connected, interdependent, and responsible in myriad ways – to our own self-awareness/actualization and one another and to our world (societal systems and natural ecosystems). This was an experience of love, joy, trust, compassion, understanding, and imagination. It is the truth of who we are and what we work towards for all beings – a more open, loving, caring, and sharing world!

  7. Roman Shapovalov

    Roman Shapovalov (verified owner)

    I felt like a member of a large friendly family. I felt warm and good. I didn’t want to leave at the end of each day, I wanted to stay more. We were discussing and experiencing an unconditional positive regard. During the conference I discovered several insights. After the conference, I suddenly felt a great value for myself and love for myself. Damn, it’s so cool to be among such amazing people. For me it’s super important to be among the people who continue the work of Carl Rogers – from heart to heart. I fully felt it and I am grateful to the organizers for the atmosphere created. I am grateful to every participant. Everyone was so different and unique, I admired each of them. I thank you all very much for these 3 days.

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