Conflict Is Inevitable

War is Optional

Conflict is Inevitable – War is Optional

Will Stillwell


Caught in the quicksand’s of conflict with other people? Unable to realize your hopes or quiet your fears?

Here are thirty-four stories of everyday conflict situations presented so that readers may ask themselves, “How do I handle, in a new way, the differences between myself and others that have become antagonisms?” Will Stillwell and Jere Mooman offer potential transformations: comments, proverbs, questions, even cartoons that are intended to halt suction and create new possibilities.

“Under the sway of either ambition or fear I hone in on only my own narrow set of needs. And as I try to control the outcomes, other people’s lives can seem to get in my way, or can seem irrelevant.” “I want to forgive myself if I blow it. I want to grow in my appreciation of the way of comedy in dealing with conflict.


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