Becoming A Person

To be faced by a troubled, conflicted person who is seeking and expecting help, has always constituted a great challenge to me. Do I have the knowledge, the resources, the psychological strength, the skill—do I have whatever it takes to be of help to such an individual?

For more than twenty-five years I have been trying to meet this kind of challenge. It has caused me to draw upon every element of my professional background: the rigorous methods of personality measurement which I first learned at Teachers College, Columbia; the Freudian psychoanalytic insights and methods of the Institute for Child Guidance where I worked as intern; the continuing developments in the field of clinical psychology, with which I have been closely associated; the briefer exposure to the work of Otto Rank, the methods of psychiatric social work, and other contacts too numerous to mention. But most of all it has meant a continual learning from my own experience and that of my colleagues at the Counseling Center as we have endeavored to discover for ourselves effective means of working with people in distress. Gradually I have developed a way of working which grows out of that experience, and which can be tested, refined, and reshaped by further experience and by research.



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Carl R. Rogers developed a profound practice and understanding of psychotherapy. Rogers’ essential insight is that certain qualities of the relationship between therapist and client (or person and person) can be learned and practiced to create an optimal interpersonal climate for personal growth, development, and healing. In this course, we will be learning through our own experience, reflection, and practice.
March 5th - 7th 2021.

Carl Rogers Interim Conference

We are pleased to announce our upcoming interim conference, which will provide a safe space to join together for Community and support during our continuing Corona-isolation.

The Encounter Group process is central to the way we seek to be with and interact with one another at the Center for Studies of the Person (CSP). Even those familiar with the structure may have questions…March 20 & 21, 2021

Kids Workshop

This workshop presented by Barbara and Heather Williams will explore the person centered approach and play therapy. With their own developed philosophy, they build upon the principles of humanistic psychology developed by Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, and Virginia Axline. Their work focuses on the deep respect for a child and the child’s wisdom.

April 17th & 18th, 2021



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