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  • Carl Rogers Ruth Sanford DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    Carl Rogers and Ruth Sanford Speak of the Client-Centered Approach to Therapy


    An audience questions, Rogers and Sanford respond for about an hour. Rogers then demonstrates Client-Centered Therapy in an interview with a volunteer client.

    165 Minutes

  • Carl Rogers Birthday DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    Carl Rogers’ 85th Birthday Celebration


    This is the last recording ever made of Carl Rogers at a surprise-filled celebration six weeks before his death. Rogers speaks of his recent work in the Soviet Union and South Africa and future plans for the Carl Rogers Institute for Peace. Moderated by Dr. Gay Barfield, State Senator John Vasconcelos, and Dr. Harold Bloomfield, with greetings, accolades and awards from leading figures in psychology and politics worldwide, including President Jimmy Carter.

    60 Minutes

  • Chicago Anniversary DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    Chicago Counseling Center 15th Anniversary Conference


    The format of these DVD’s is a presentation, panel discussion, and discussion with a professional audience. Carl Rogers and several of those inspired to take his teachings in their own counseling directions are featured.

    • DVD “A” Carl Rogers and Nathaniel Raskin, presenters (60 Minutes)
    • DVD “B” Eugene Gendlin and Gary Prouty, presenters (90 Minutes)
    • DVD “C” Natalie Rogers, presenter (75 Minutes)
  • Conversations Carl Rogers | Center for Studies of the Person

    Conversations with Carl Rogers


    A panel of Dr. Maureen O’Hara, Dr. Maria Bowen, Dr. Bob Lee and Dr. Michael Reed discuss with Carl Rogers his Person-Centered Approach. These studio-quality DVD’s are easy to follow and give a good overview of Rogers’ work and influence. Six, thirty-minute segments come on two DVD’s.

    • Topics of DVD “A”:
      • Beginnings of psychotherapy, differences between psychotherapy and counseling, non-directivity as a practice, the shift of power from therapist to client
      • Influences on the work of Carl Rogers, the encounter group activity
      • Person-Centered Approach in Education
    • Topics of DVD “B”:
      • Assessing competence in therapeutic counseling
      • Extensions of Carl Rogers’ work to other venues and fields
      • A new understanding of human beings

    180 Minutes

  • Carl Rogers Gay Barfield DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    Discussion Between Carl Rogers and Gay Barfield


    “It is necessary to be delicate, to have respect for the unknown, to be a non-judgmental companion.” Recorded at Rogers’ home, Carl and Gay discuss the practice of empathy as a way of being and experiencing. Empathy is at the heart of the international peace dialogues they are planning. They ponder its applicability in face-to-face relationships, marriage, group and international conflict.

    45 Minutes

  • International Collage DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    International Collage


    From the International Forum for Person-Centered Approaches, psychologists, therapists, and educators from around the world speak about Carl Rogers’ influence on their lives and the development of PCA in their countries.

    150 Minutes on 2 DVD’s

  • Another Way DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    Is There Another Way


    Before the end of apartheid in South Africa, Carl Rogers and colleagues led workshop training’s and encounter groups encompassing white and black participants together. These South Africans were seeking a new justice and a new social order. Carole conducted this interview with Rogers on South African television, and here he responds to topics about violence, prejudice, and Person-Centered Approaches to peace in large groups.

    30 Minutes

  • Karlpeter Breuer and Gintz Kretzer Interview Carl Rogers | Center for Studies of the Person

    Karlpeter Breuer and Gintz Kretzer Interview Carl Rogers


    In English, made for German television. The interviewers ask questions which reflect European interests in Rogers’ work. They address the development of ‘the three core conditions;’ differences between client-centered and person-centered; facilitating; cross-cultural encounter; education; values; science; and community versus mass population.

    90 Minutes

  • Memorial Service Carl Rogers | Center for Studies of the Person

    Memorial Service for Carl Rogers


    Following his death, five hundred people gathered to pay their respects to Carl Rogers in California. A dozen family members and colleagues speak to this gathering about their experiences with and perceptions of Carl over decades of association with him. His character, his rich and diverse life, his enduring and world-wide influences are honored.

    60 Minutes

  • Peace DVD | Center for Studies of the Person



    “We have a model for how people with quite different or opposite values can come to respect each other”. Carl Rogers speaks on his learnings about peace possibilities from his work with violence-filled conflicts in South Africa and Central America, and from the processes employed at the Camp David accords between Egypt and Israel. “Through dialogue, reconciliation is possible.”

    90 Minutes

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