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  • Because That’s My Way DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    Because That’s My Way


    Group members are youth and adults, all in one way or another concerned with illegal drugs. Users, agents, straight, white, hip, and black are facilitated by Carl Rogers and Dr. Anthony Rose. We are witness in understanding how one person can feel deep caring for another, even though that second person hates the first and perceives the caring as phony and unreal.

    A film by Bill McGaw.

    60 Minutes

  • Encounter In Brazil | Center for Studies of the Peron

    Encounter In Brazil


    A small encounter group meets surrounded by a large group of audience. Dr. Maria Villas Boas Bowen facilitates the 40 minute encounter in Portuguese. Commentary largely in Portuguese, with some translation into English. With Dr. Carl Rogers, Dr. Jack Bowen, Dr. John K. Wood, Rachel Rosenberg, and Dr. Maureen O’Hara.

    Moderate video quality

    80 Minutes

  • Journey Into Community DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    Journey Into Community


    Exploring the connections between “self” and “community,” twelve members of the Center for Studies of the Person share personal experiences, despair and hope, as they encounter each other and connect to their concerns about the state of the world. With no designated facilitator this longstanding community of people utilize person-centered ways of interrelating, then follow to speak of what it takes to make their community successful. They relate healthy growth of self to qualities of interpersonal relationships.

    A film by Robert Lukas

    75 Minutes

  • Journey Into Self DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    Journey Into Self


    “Touching!” This is the first encounter group ever filmed. Facilitated by Carl Rogers and Dr. Richard Farson, this documentary won an Oscar award for filmmaker and producer Bill McGaw.

    Introduced by Stanley Kramer

    45 Minutes

  • The Steel Shutter DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    The Steel Shutter


    Gathered here are people involved in the ongoing Troubles in Northern Ireland. Barriers of politics, religion, and social class have fostered violence. Carl Rogers and colleagues Pat Rice and Audrey McGaw facilitate ordinary people attempting to understand themselves and their enemies (even those that may be present here). Housewives and warriors, bureaucrat and teacher, Protestants and Catholics argue, feel deeply, transform themselves, and move together toward peace and justice.

    A film by Bill McGaw

    60 Minutes

  • Unconditional Positive Dialogue DVD | Center for Studies of the Person

    Unconditional Positive Dialogue


    This unique documentary features a dialogue among Center for Studies of the Person members as they concern themselves with the approaching death of a beloved colleague. We witness wonderful examples of communications that facilitate members’ growth, as they voice, uncover and even change their own thinking and feeling. Each person’s experiences are seen as essential in building a shared world of meaning and the true meeting between them that emerges.

    75 Minutes

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