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    PCA Helps Make A Team


    It started for me on a Monday afternoon in late February of 2001. I was in my Atlanta office, starting to relax after facing the problems that a Monday morning usually brings. It was about 2:00pm when I received a call from our Executive Vice President. He said, “Tom, we have a problem, and we’d like to know if you will help us.” He went on to describe that there were a number of business and human resource problems in one our company’s largest business units ($180,000,000 of sales) in Washington, D.C. He said that the leader of the business unit would be resigning in a couple of hours. He asked if I would get on an airplane to Washington, in order to be there the next day for an early morning meeting, at which time the current leader would announce his resignation and my taking over as interim leader of the group.

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