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  • Learning to Be Free in Work Place Relationships | Center for Studies of the Person

    Learning to Be Free in Work Place Relationship


    The English poet, Matthew Arnold, writes about “The Buried Life” as follows:
    I knew the mass of men concealed
    Their thoughts, for fear that if revealed
    They would by other men be met
    With blank indifference, or with blame reproved;
    I knew they lived and moved
    Tricked in disguises, alien to the rest
    Of men, and alien to themselves.

    In contrast, American psychologist Carl Rogers writes of what I will refer to as “the unburied life”: in Rogers words this “unburied life” is described as Becoming a person, Freedom to be, Courage to be and Learning to be free.
    In the light of these two contrasting descriptions of life I ponder the two questions:
    what does business want from its employees? And how can I as an employee get what I want through my work-place relationships?

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