Person Centered Psychotherapy

Module IV

Person Centered Psychotherapy - Module IV | Center for Studies of the Person

Person Centered Psychotherapy Module IV


Live Online Video Course

32 Hours

Module IV will help you write a personal portfolio – the process and content of your learning. We will explore what individual therapy is from the perspective of PCP, and the place of disclosure in PCP. The psychotherapist’s personal anamnesis and blind spots will be explored. We examine how to deal with “difficult” and highly “resistant” clients. We explore the place of spirituality in psychotherapy and the psychotherapist’s life. We address the place of diversity in Person-Centered Psychotherapy—Practicum of individuals, groups, and encounter groups.

Course Objectives

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the concept of individual therapy within Person-Centered Psychotherapy.
  • Differentiate when it is appropriate to use disclosure during psychotherapy.
  • Learn a new paradigm to deal with “difficult” and highly “resistant” clients.
  • Identify and learn to work with the psychotherapist’s blind spots.
  • Apply the concepts of Person-Centered Psychotherapy to small group environments.
  • Describe the importance of diversity for Person-Centered Psychotherapy.
  • Differentiate between one’s own spirituality and the client’s need to explore spirituality.
  • Discuss the difference between spirituality and religion, and their importance in the practice of psychotherapy.

Workshop Instructors

Event Schedule

January 13th6AM – 9AM(PDT)
January 14th 6AM – 1PM(PDT)
January 15th6AM – 1PM(PDT)
January 20th6AM – 9AM(PDT)
January 21st6AM – 1PM(PDT)
January 22nd6AM – 1PM(PDT)