Person Centered Psychotherapy

Module III

Person Centered Psychotherapy - Module III | Center for Studies of the Person

Person Centered Psychotherapy Module III


Live Online Video Course

32 Hours

Module III will address the primary conditions in psychotherapy as being necessary and sufficient, and the pros and cons of PCP and PCA. We will explore encounter groups, and differentiate between large and small group encounters, and psychotherapy groups. The psychotherapist will have the opportunity to explore self-weaknesses and strengths and explore empathy in-depth, and the different kinds of empathy.

Course Objectives

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the primary conditions of psychotherapy pointed out by Rogers as being “necessary and sufficient.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of the Person-Centered Approach-Person Centered Psychotherapy.
  • Explore empathy in-depth comprehension, understanding, and practice.
  • Discuss the concept of empathy, based on the most recent knowledge of it.
  • Name and discuss the different kinds of empathy and their application.
  • Learn to differentiate between cognitive, emotional-affective, compassionate, and motor empathy.
  • Provide a deeper understanding of small and large Encounter groups
  • Differentiate between large encounter groups, small encounter groups, and psychotherapy groups.
  • Identify and analyze one’s own personal growth and development as a psychotherapist.
  • Develop strategies to deal with personal weaknesses, and reinforce the unique strengths of psychotherapists in relationships with clients.

Workshop Instructors

Event Schedule

October 21st6AM – 9AM(PDT)
October 22nd 6AM – 1PM(PDT)
October 23rd6AM – 1PM(PDT)
October 28th6AM – 9AM(PDT)
October 29th6AM – 1PM(PDT)
October 30th6AM – 1PM(PDT)