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Person Centered Psychotherapy

Module II

December 3rd – 12th, 2021

About Person Centered Psychotherapy

Module I

Person-Centered Psychotherapy is a humanistic and phenomenological approach based on the ideas developed by Carl Rogers, his associates, and later followers of this Approach. We sincerely believe that each person has within himself or herself all the resources, strength, and power to promote their changes towards healing, new insights, and development. The psychotherapist’s role is to provide the client with the necessary conditions for growth to occur. Therefore, a psychotherapist strives to ensure a safe and trustworthy interpersonal relationship so that a client may discover and establish their path to self-determination.

Carl R. Rogers developed a profound practice and understanding of psychotherapy. Rogers’ essential insight is that certain qualities of the relationship between therapist and client (or person and person) can be learned and practiced to create an optimal interpersonal climate for personal growth, development, and healing. In this course, we will be learning through our own experience, reflection, and practice. Participants will learn to enhance possibilities for their own change.

November 8th – 12th, 2021

Module II

We would like to have an outstanding experience and course providing an environment where we all can teach, learn, experience in a meaningful way the power of the Person Centered Approach to transform ours and our client’s lives.

December 3rd – 5th, 2021 & December 10th -12th, 2021

Module III

Coming Soon…