La Jolla Program

For fifty years and more, the La Jolla Program has offered extended residential workshops.

In 2020 we cancelled our eight-day encounters with great regret.  We look forward to a time when again we can meet face-to-face and further learn and appreciate ourselves and others.

All of us are frequently challenged by issues such as current and hoped-for relationships, careers, job changes, boss or employees, schooling, health, love life, kids’ successes and problems, parents, spirituality, and countless others. Yet many of us do not have safe, supportive environments where we can discuss or share our experiences and concerns.

The La Jolla Program sponsors gatherings of people asking themselves how to deal with these challenges, bringing helpful insight into how it works, seeking contributions from you and other peers, and carrying creative solutions within themselves. It’s about you and me and us.

To let go my self-concept of having to be perfect, then to accept, to express what is in me; all this is so incredibly relaxing, and it creates space and energy for things more valuable.”
— Elisabeth, a participant

For more than half a century The La Jolla Program has been at the world forefront in practicing our versions of interpersonal encounter. We convene together facing one another, using the opportunity to talk and otherwise communicate.

Our aim is to understand and experience our personal relatedness to happenings that concern us. Our conversations develop toward more essential sincerity but certainly do not lack humor. People actually listen, and each hears herself as who she is more deeply and subtly.

We come to know our lives better and meet other people in a more significant and heartfelt way.

The La Jolla Program staff members are experienced in knowing how people can learn the keys to enhanced communications. Being present face-to-face with other people opens our aural and visual and imaginative worlds, opens our emotional and cognitive bodily responses, enlarges my and your self.

We are convinced that given the appropriate environmental and psychological conditions, people possess the capacity to recognize perceptions of themselves and of their reality, and to make creative and constructive life-transitions. We endeavor to facilitate your finding your way to deal successfully in important and frequent challenges.

Our goal during these workshops is to share, risk, and learn to build safe and supportive personal and social environments together.

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Carl R. Rogers developed a profound practice and understanding of psychotherapy. Rogers’ essential insight is that certain qualities of the relationship between therapist and client (or person and person) can be learned and practiced to create an optimal interpersonal climate for personal growth, development, and healing. In this course, we will be learning through our own experience, reflection, and practice.
December 11th - 13th 2020.

Csp E-community

These meetings take place weekly on Friday's from 12 noon to 3PM, Pacific Daylight Time.  We generally have around 14 people attending from around the US and the world.  The purpose is to allow attendees to feel Community and Support as we Encounter with one another. The meeting is open to all CSP members, as well as to others who the members may recommend. An online Zoom meeting.

PCA International

Antonio Santos is hosting a weekly PCA International Zoom meeting, which is held on alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings at 6AM Pacific Daylight Time. This start time accommodates the needs of attendees who are spread across the globe.  The meeting runs for two hours, and is well attended by members of the International PCA Community - CSP and others. 

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