Carlos Mario Velez

I decided to support CSP by becoming a member, to express my gratitude for the enrichment that reading the work of Carl Rogers has brought to my life since I was a teenager. Carl was a great inspiration to my life when I read ON BECOMING A PERSON and later all of his books.

From those youthful years I was fortunate to have been cared for by humanistic psychologists who cared for me, fortifying my will to be myself and protecting me from diagnostic labels that stigmatized or enslaved me.

For more than forty years I have had some 18 professional and authentic mentors fully committed to helping people find their personal freedom and authenticity, using a variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques.

Since I was a psychology student at the university, I felt my vocation to serve people seeking help for their personal discovery. For thirty-seven years I have dedicated myself to the care of thousands of consultants in my private practice.

Through my professional practice, I became committed to serving others while at the same time achieving my personal healing by having appointments to help me. Finding my personal well-being has been as important to me as helping others find their own well-being.

Today I am dedicated to humanistic service through the care for the people who consult me and through the writing of my books focused on what is my personal brand, Vital Autonomy: The loving recognition of the inner being and the loving recognition among living beings.

My books are written in a personal, extremely simple and informal tone. They are written for simple people who naively seek lights to discover themselves during their stay in this world.

Gradually, I have discovered myself as a person committed to taking care of her interior to be guided by her authentic being that gives her the signs and the necessary resources to achieve true success in life: to be someone who enjoys and loves who she is.

What matters most to me today is being who I am at the service of those who want to be who they are.

On my website:, by introducing myself as a person, I describe my commitments as follows:

I am dedicated to:

  • In my body: to the universal Qi;
  • In my mind: my Quantum Double and his dreams
  • In my heart: to Life
  • In my social being: to my community.
  • In my soul: to the Divine Mother.

Today at a professional level, I continue to serve my consultants in my virtual office with video conferences by Zoom and I continue with the writing and publication of my books available on

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