JoEllen Moldoff

As a teacher and a counselor for almost 40 years, I have been a learner. I began my teaching practice as a biology teacher in NYC and transitioned to a suburban high school where I began my counseling career. During my years at Scarsdale High School, I facilitated groups with students, parents and teachers. I met Pat Howley when he came to the school as a consultant and led a Myers-Briggs workshop. This was the start of a professional collaboration and friendship which deeply influenced my life. We facilitated many workshops with teachers. I have also studied family systems therapy, and facilitated professional development courses for teachers.

Several years before I retired, I began writing poetry and taking writing workshops. I began coordinating poetry workshops for teachers, and have been teaching poetry and memoir writing to adults through my local library for almost twenty years.

The teacher of biology became the teacher of poetry. Teaching, for me “has made all the difference.”