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2021 Carl Rogers

Annual Conference

Reflecting on our common and unique experiences

through these pandemic times

Does a Person Centered Approach make a difference?

September 17 – 19, 2021

Call for Presenters!

The 2021 Carl Rogers Annual Conference will be held from September 17 – 19, 2021.  We have chosen a theme that is highly relevant to these times, and which should provide opportunities for reflection and rich discussion.  Please join us  as we reflect on our experiences through these pandemic times and consider how our reactions have been shaped by our person centered approaches.

  • What have been the positive and negative outcomes for us?
  • In what ways have we changed?
  • How has having a person centered approach made a difference?

We invite you to submit your ideas and proposals for presentations, demonstrations, panel discussions and group presentations to help us create an outstanding meeting. We encourage presenters to relate their presentations – where it makes sense – to our conference theme.

Our format will be similar to that of our past conferences, with a blend of large group meetings and discussions, small and large group Encounter, and your choice from a daily offering of presentations given by participants.

We will continue with the Zoom format we first used in last year’s Annual Conference, with times  which allow participants from Europe and the Americas to attend.  To this end we will begin our meetings at  6AM PDT and end at 3:30PM PDT, with a one hour break from 9AM to 10AM.

Stay tuned for more information…

Presentation Submissions

To ensure adequate time for consideration, please submit your presentation ideas by August 31.  After this date requests will be processed on a space available basis.