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Carl Rogers Annual Conference 2021

Our 2020 e-Conference – held on-line from August 7-9, 2020 – was a great success, and surpassed our expectations. Our meetings were marked by high quality real-time interactions between attendees from around the world, many of whom would not have been able to attend an onsite event.

We are now beginning our planning for the 2021 conference. Due to uncertainty about the future global health situation, we are keeping our options open either for an on-site conference held at the magnificent facilities of the University of San Diego (USD), as we had originally planned for 2020, or another Zoom conference, or perhaps a combination of the two.  The dates we are looking at are in early to mid-August, determined in part by the availability of facilities at the University.

An advantage of an on-line format is that with our experience can simplify the planning and implementation process should circumstances require us to change from an on-site to an e-meeting.

We will update our conference information as the planning process develops, beginning with the conference theme, format, dates, and location as they are available.

Stay tuned for more….

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  1. Dr Valois Robichaud, PCA, gerontologist.

    I have had that vivid experience, being in relation with colleagues from all around the world. I felt, as if I was with each other, in one to one relation, while using the technology-zoom. I was able to go beyond my fear, and technical hesitation; in fact, I was able to communicate and relate. The human being is an adaptative creature. I believe in his creativity and love for the humanity in which we live and belong.

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Carl R. Rogers developed a profound practice and understanding of psychotherapy. Rogers’ essential insight is that certain qualities of the relationship between therapist and client (or person and person) can be learned and practiced to create an optimal interpersonal climate for personal growth, development, and healing. In this course, we will be learning through our own experience, reflection, and practice.
December 11th - 13th 2020.

Csp E-community

These meetings take place weekly on Friday's from 12 noon to 3PM, Pacific Daylight Time.  We generally have around 14 people attending from around the US and the world.  The purpose is to allow attendees to feel Community and Support as we Encounter with one another. The meeting is open to all CSP members, as well as to others who the members may recommend. An online Zoom meeting.

PCA International

Antonio Santos is hosting a weekly PCA International Zoom meeting, which is held on alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings at 6AM Pacific Daylight Time. This start time accommodates the needs of attendees who are spread across the globe.  The meeting runs for two hours, and is well attended by members of the International PCA Community - CSP and others. 

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