Carl Rogers
Annual Conference

Finding inner strength, connection and opportunity in times of crisis

August 7-9 

We invite you to join us at the
2020 Carl Rogers Annual Conference

August 7-9

Carl Rogers Annual Conference is going live on-line!

This theme is particularly relevant given that our major differences as people have surfaced in the wake of COVID-19 and the violence that the world could clearly see in videos that surfaced on television. Our focus has always been on the person and the climate that is needed for people to grow and thrive. These inequities have always existed in terms of power, perception, politics, economics, and equity. The world is changing rapidly and how does the person respond to rapid change? to viewing violent uprisings? to dominance in terms of leadership?

We are compressing our agenda into three days meeting via Zoom, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 7 – August 9. To better attend the needs of our visitors across the globe, our daily sessions will begin at 6AM PST. This will allow us to end our daily sessions at a more reasonable time for our attendees from Europe. Registered participants will receive a detailed agenda prior to the start of the conference.

Who Should Attend?

This conference will appeal to people who are interested in the Person Centered Approaches (PCA) as developed by Carl Rogers and others who would like to come together in, and experience,  what it is like to be in a person-centered community – students, educators, therapists, counselors and other healthcare professionals, social workers, community developers and others interested in applying empathy, authenticity and unconditional acceptance in their relationships.

Daily Format

Conference participants will meet via the application Zoom from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. For those new to Zoom, the Help Center provides many tutorials.

  • Zoom is an interactive platform that will allow participants to interact in real time with presenters and other participants.
  • Using Zoom will allow us to record, and pre-record where possible presentations. This will allow participants to access recorded materials before, during, or after the conference. The availability of pre-recorded materials will allow more time for discussion and interaction with presenters.

Our Daily Format Will Include

  • Small Group Encounter meetings
  • Large group Community meetings
  • Presentations – live and pre-recorded – in a variety of formats that will include opportunities for discussion/dialogue with the presenter
  • Topical dialogue/discussion groups
  • “Coffee connections” – get togethers informally with others on Zoom
  • Small, informal “pop-ups” – for people who want to get together to continue a dialogue

Upcoming Events

Annual Conference

Our theme this year - Finding inner strength, connection and opportunity in times of crisis is particularly apt given the challenges all of us are facing.  We’re adapting to the Corona-challenge by moving this year’s conference to an e-format via Zoom. We are compressing our agenda into three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 7 - August 9, making it easier to fit into people’s schedules.

Csp E-community

These meetings take place weekly on Friday's from 12 noon to 3PM, Pacific Daylight Time.  We generally have around 14 people attending from around the US and the world.  The purpose is to allow attendees to feel Community and Support as we Encounter with one another. The meeting is open to all CSP members, as well as to others who the members may recommend. An online Zoom meeting.

PCA International

Antonio Santos is hosting a weekly PCA International Zoom meeting, which is held on alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings at 6AM Pacific Daylight Time. This start time accommodates the needs of attendees who are spread across the globe.  The meeting runs for two hours, and is well attended by members of the International PCA Community - CSP and others.