About CSP

What is the Center for Studies of the person?

We are a community of individuals who prize the opportunity to interact and connect with others in a meaningful way, more deeply than in everyday life. We respect each other as we are and, rather than trying to change one another, we appreciate the differences—in values, attitudes and ways of being. That appreciation of differences gives us strength.

We hold dear the principles of the Person-Centered Approach as developed by Carl Rogers and others, and seek to apply these approaches in our way of being and doing, in our personal lives, in our careers and in our communities.

We support and encourage one another in a deeply personal way, as we seek to better understand ourselves and others. We are committed to continual learning.

We endure. We have held our hands and hearts together for 49 years, changing to be sure, but remaining on the path, seeking what it means to be a human being. Finally, we provide opportunities for members, through Center projects, to apply and manifest their ideas and their passions in the world at large.

We hold these values, as manifested in the fully functioning person:

  • Openness to experience and an abandonment of defensiveness.
  • An existential lifestyle emphasizing living in the moment without distorting it.
  • Trust in oneself.
  • The ability to freely make choices. Fully functioning people take responsibility for their own choices and are highly self-directed.
  • A life of creativity and adaptation, including an abandonment of conformity.
  • The ability to behave reliably and make constructive choices.
  • A full, rich life that involves the full spectrum of human emotions.

Purpose of CSP

The purpose of this Center shall be to explore the richness of the person; to help individuals discover and experience more fully in their own lives and relationships—even in their organizations—the wealth of what it means to be personal; of what it means, for example, to be private as well as to be open, of what it means to yield to others and what it means to be self-controlling. This Center will be concerned with new experience and it will be concerned with old truths. It will be an institution of scientific search and also a center of informal education. In the pursuit of its educational goals, its own operations, particularly the human element within it, it will be open to scrutiny, and it will attempt, with all the power of accumulated  experience and aspirations both old and new, to be a laboratory for self-regulation, for people growing through examining and managing their own organizational lives. This Center intends to experience anew and in its own life the meaning of democracy and community. In its scientific aims, it intends to go beyond the narrow limits of existing social science methodologies. It intends to invent and submit to the public methods of study suited to the dignity and depth of its subject, man himself.  It will use means of knowing designed to expand man’s hopes for himself. This is a center for persons.

  • A source of Support and Community for its members
  • A Resource for the study and practice of person centered approaches
  • A place to Learn about ourselves and others through Connection and Encounter
  • A space for members to Manifest and Express their person-centered visions through their Projects