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Barbara Bonnice

I am a person who has been passionate about relationships for as long as I can remember. I have been observant and inquisitive about what promotes positive interpersonal interactions; what leads to negative encounters; and what it takes to relate effectively.

Since 1987, I have been a nurse passionate about relationships . As a direct care provider, a shift supervisor, and unit manager, I was observant and inquisitive what is happening when I, myself, and team members are successful in relating effectively, and when we are not. Relating to a an incredible diversity of people is integral to the work of most nurses. I experienced many successes and many struggles in relating to patients, families, and other team members, and many employees reported their struggles to me when I was their manager…

Keddie Burrows

Sandy Chamson

I have been a Clinical Psychologist in private practice for over twenty years, treating individuals and couples with anxiety, depression and life change issues. My approach is person-centered, modeled on Rogers’ belief that people have the capacity for self-understanding and correction within themselves.

David Day

I am a father of two young adults, Kyle and Sarah, who are just starting life, post-college. I wake up every day around five in the morning and head down to the local coffee shop in Huntington Beach, California. When I arrive, I think about how I am doing with the two of them. I think about my relationship with them, my family, and the world I live in.

After a full cup of dark roast, I turn my attention the workings of Teen Encounters, and how I can continue to work with teens and families in crisis, and help them turn the corner in their relationships. I think about what I can do to help families and schools set up the conditions where teens can face life’s challenges, and blossom into happy, mature adults. I feel deeply fulfilled and alive when I can do this.

Ray De Lagrave

I first became acquainted with the Person Centered Approach during a course on Organizational Behavior in my MBA program at UCLA in the mid—60’s. One of our textbooks—On Becoming a Person was my first exposure to Carl Rogers.

I remember vividly how profoundly impacted I was by Rogers’ vision about the human condition, our potential for growth and unfoldment, and how we are defined by and are always in Process. It was an Ah-Ha! experience which led me to change my degree’s focus from Marketing to Behavioral Science.

Jay Downing

Silvia Dubovoy

Dr Silvia C. Dubovoy is a teacher trainer from birth to six years of age, lecturer, examiner and consultant for the Association Montessori Internationale. Dr. Dubovoy has a B.A., a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Universidad de Barcelona, Spain. She has been a guest lecturer on the Person Center Approach for the Universidad de Barcelona on the Psychology of Groups, Master program. She is an associate professor at Loyola University in Maryland and a lead, clinical faculty at University of San Diego and instructor for the Master in Montessori Specialization.

Andres Escallon

I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a master of arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  During my graduate studies at Alliant International University I worked as an intern at the Center for Studies of the Person where I became acquainted with the work of Carl Rogers.

Patrick Howley

My personal and professional journey has shaped my professional approach. I have been influenced by a number of key experiences in my life. The first being my counseling masters degree and advanced degree program where I was first introduced to the books of Carl Rogers. I felt an immediate connection to such personal writing about psychology. My first experience with the client-centered approach was going up from my home in Connecticut to see Carl Rogers talk at Harvard University while still in my graduate counseling program.

Jackie Hicks

As I reflect on my life, a constant and persistent theme remains as freshly intriguing as it began: I am fascinated by relationships among people and the factors contributing to all our interpersonal dynamics. Since my junior year in college, I have been teaching and studying the Person Centered Approach that Dr. Rogers identified, developed, and articulated so beautifully. I am fortunate to have met him and to join with other colleagues at the Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, a professional association of psychologists, therapists, educators, healthcare professionals and practitioners from all walks of life to extend our exploration of what it means to be human.

My fascination has become a calling. I love facilitating other people in their growth and development, and uncovering the persons we truly are. I believe that we all possess a natural tendency toward actualizing our highest potential, and I revel in that energy and the beauty of just being together.

Currently, I am Director of Education Transformations, a division of CSP offering programs specifically for educators to support the development of effective relationships at school. Teachers and administrators are increasingly looked to for guidance in the social and emotional growth of students. Their ability to form effective relationships with their students, students’ parents, and each other is vital in successfully meeting the growing challenges emerging in education today. I have been a teacher, a counselor and a principal. I have grown in confidence and competence with each endeavor. I feel the call stronger than ever to share the important and indelible lessons I’ve learned with anybody willing to engage in the journey with me.​

Keynan Hobbs

Venya Kolpachnikov

I was lucky to read some of Carl Rogers' texts while being an undergraduate student in Moscow State University in early 80's. His ideas had stroke into my heart as deeply corresponding with my whole life experiences and relationships. Since then I was more and more involved into the Person-Centred Approach as a professional practice and a way of being. And up to now I am very satisfied with it in both meanings.

I work as a Client-Centred therapist, a Professor of Psychology in National Research University Higher School of Economics(Moscow, Russia), instructor/supervisor for beginning Client-Centred counselors, group facilitator and trainer.

I believe the Person-Centered Approach is not just a narrow professional practice, but a cultural movement having a potential to change to better global culture of the humankind.

Fontaine Laing

Robert Lee

In a past life, Bob was a teacher, counselor, and administrator in the San Diego Unified school district. He became acquainted with Carl Rogers and Client-Centered Therapy and the encounter group in 1963. This took place in a Counseling Institute held at San Diego State University in San Diego, California, USA. He thought that what he experienced was unworkable but, nevertheless, was in the beginning of the La Jolla Program in 1967 experientially learning to become an encounter group facilitator. He is one of two remaining charter members of Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California.

Gary Loddo

Bruce Meador

Bruce Staffel Meador attended the public schools of San Antonio, Texas, graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School. His education includes the United States Merchant Marine, The University of the South and the National University of Mexico. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Texas, Austin and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health to study at the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute with the psychologist Carl Rogers.

Kathryn Meadows

President and CEO of Camelot-USA, Inc. on the board of Center for Studies of the Person. She teaches competence in Leadership and Management, training leaders to become competent in work relationships. She is a linguist using language and PCA to prize and maintain differences in relationships and to build new community. She is currently working on a conference for CSP of its past, present and future to be held in the summer of 2008. She is working to develop PCA for a new generation through workshops and conferences.

Jere Moorman

Larry Pell

I love this stuff! I’ve been around studying, doing or benefiting from Client Centered Therapy/ PCA for something like forty years now, on and off. I have a limited private practice in Encinitas, California where I live most of the time. I like to travel so clients may get some breaks in therapy, or do phone or Skype sessions with me, when I’m in Tucson, the Eastern part of this globe, or who knows where else.

Kjell Ribert

I got acquainted with Rogers’ thought at the same time I started up plunging into the field of conflictology, and thouroughly learned that how you do things strongly affects what you do. And the hows are more often than not much more crucial than the whats.

Since the onset of my professional life I have been concerned about how people relate, and how that affects how we are and what we learn.

Elli Recht

Elli has changed affiliation from Associate Member to Member. He has been active at CSP since last year, and participates fully in our Encounters, Quarterly and Member Meetings, as well as having attended our January Conference. I welcome his youth and enthusiasm. He is part of a distinguished new generation of young—and not so young—members, whose fresh perspectives are already taking us in new directions.

Einar Columbus Salvesen

Columbus Salvesen (Norway) is a Clinical Psychologist who has "transferred" his activity from the Therapy Room into Organisation and Working-Life, focusing on initiating learning processes which strengthen participation and communication and thus lead to transparency and Person-Centred Attitudes, Communication and Skills.

Antonio Santos

Antonio Monteiro dos Santos, Ph.D., MSCP. Clinical Psychologist licensed in Brazil (CRP-01/0702) and in the USA (CA-PSY-19989). He is a writer, psychotherapist, organizational consultant, coach, professor, trainer and lecturer. He has worked for the last thirty years with a cross-cultural population from different parts of the world (South and North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa). He is the author of the book Miracle Moments and co-author with Dr. Carl Rogers and Dr. Maria Constanca Bowen of the book When the Heart Speaks and he collaborated in the Clinical Handbook of Schizophrenia. He also collaborated in the translation of A Course in Miracles into Portuguese.

Will Stillwell

I wander a way touching marvelous earth and meeting her dazzling surprises.

My plunge floating forth here dreams a man of peace, free for intimacy, ecstasy, spontaneity, awakenings, appreciations; at ease welcoming the graceful streams of sufferings and joys.

Elizabeth Wepsic

Elizabeth Wepsic is a National Board Certified Teacher in Art Education: Young Adult to Adolescent and been an art educator in San Diego County nearing 20 years. She began her teaching career at Cortez Hill Academy, a public charter high school founded on the traits of Person Centered Psychology. Currently, she chairs the visual arts department at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla and collaborates to enrich museum education with the San Diego Museum of Art, The New Children's Museum, and The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. Her background in education stems from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and expanded to her schooling in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.,/P>

John T. Wood

John Thomas Wood, PhD, is an artist, author and therapist. He is especially interested in power, love and group dynamics. A CSP member in the 70's and 80's he has returned for a Center redux. John has written ten books--including three novels--on power, leadership, feelings, fear and relationships. He has led programs throughout the US and in five European countries.

Kazuo Yamashita

I live in Japan. Now I am teaching interpersonal practice in social services at Mimasaka University and doing private practice, named CHODR: Center for Human and Organizational Development. I am practicing counseling with individual, family, small group and workshops for experiencing “mutual growth relationships”.

CSP 50th Anniversary
Book Available:

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