CSP Calendar of Events

  • 4.16.2014
    CSP Community Meeting
    6pm -9pm
    1150 Silverado
    All Are Welcome!
  • 5.16.2014-5.18.2014
    CSP Quarterly Meeting
    Friday: 5pm-9pm
    Saturday: 9am-9pm
    Sunday: 9am-1pm
    1150 Silverado
  • 5.21.2014
    CSP Community Meeting
    6pm -9pm
    1150 Silverado
    All Are Welcome!

Welcome to Center for the Studies of the Person

We are a face-to-face community of people for whom the Person Centered Approach plays an important role in our personal and professional lives as a way of Being and of doing. Our commitment is to maintain/build/create an environment where each of us can be heard, where we can be fully ourselves, where we accept and embrace each other as we are.

CSP provides a community for its members and the larger PCA world where persons can connect with, encounter, and share with other PCA practitioners. We support both preserving Carl Roger’s essential Person Centered Approach and exploring how it may extend and flourish in our individualities and personal applications. We seek to provide a supportive climate where members can explore for themselves the richness and complexity of what it is to be fully human.

Latest News & Events
CSP Monthly Community Meetings - Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Held at our La Jolla Offices – 1150 Silverado – on the third Wednesday of each month, from 6PM to 8:30PM. All who are interested in interacting with our community and learning more about us are invited to attend...

CSP Community Meeting—4.16.2014 | 1150 Silverado Ave. | 6pm-9pm | All are welcome!

CSP Programs

The La Jolla Program

The La Jolla Program is a residential program for individuals interested in learning more about themselves and others. The program is appropriate for the experienced professional as well as the lay person.

Carl R. Rogers Memorial Library

Carl R. Rogers Memorial Library is an archive in video and print format of work by Carl Rogers and Center for Studies of the Person colleagues. Most of our holdings are works produced from 1960 through the present…

Education Transformations

Education Transformations is a dynamic and cutting edge company with the vision of transforming our children’s learning environments, through our Workshops and Programs...

Transformational Leadership & Communication

The Program for Transformational Community Leadership and Communication has been in existence for over three years. Its initial focus has been on developing leaders in the Latino community in the San Diego area…

PCA in the News

11th WAPCEPC Conference 2014, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina

July 20-24, 2014

The gaze of Carl Rogers transcends boundaries and psycotherapies uses, being applied in different fields such as education, encounter groups and organizations in general, facilitating the understanding of social, cultural and political processes.

Today, we are living in a world in constant transformation. Borders that are blurring, with vertiginous advances in communication and technology, and permanent changes that affect people in all aspects of their life: family, society, education, religion and political economy.

The scope of this situation and the legacy that Carl Rogers left us, drive us to reflect on our role as therapists, on our attitudinal ways of binding with our clients, and the quality of ours relations in social, political and educational spaces.

Motto: "Beyond the frontiers... experiencing diversity" invites us to share a forum to learn about our peculiarities, appreciate the contributions of the different cultural visions, and discuss about the challenges to our task considering the coexistence with:

  • Global cultural changes in modern society have driven to new forms of relationships, of approaches, of exchanges, disagreements and clashes as also the emergence of new phenomena that are needed to be known, understand and respond.
  • Culture and idiosyncrasy of each town, country or region with their different ways of thinking, actions, relate.
  • Culture and idiosyncrasy of particular groups - subcultures - with their own codes, values, behaviours and beliefs that differentiate and give them a distinct identity.
We hope and wish that the Conference will be a space of encounter of different languages and cultures, to reflect, to share and to enrich us with the experiences developed in the different countries.